Chef Remi spatula set


This spatula set is a pleasure to use. The handles are made to feel comfortable and allow a good grip when using them.

The bright red handle allows me to see it quickly in the drawer and the modern black and red with an accent of silver make them aesthetically pleasing.

These spatulas are very well made and can hold up to everyday use. They are quick to wash up in the sink with a scrubber or can be tossed in the dishwasher for convenience.  They can take the heat with no problem up to 410F.

I like that they are versatile and can be used on nonstick, glass and enamel cookware. They make a great gift for those who love to cook.

You can buy them here:


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Chef Remi – Measuring cup sets


I love my new measuring set that has a comfortable angled handle on them. There is a 4 cup, 2 cups and 1 cup with liters on the left side and cups on the right side.

The cups are made of food grade plastic and wash up easily by hand or in the dishwasher.

I really love how they nest together so they take up a lot less space in the cupboard. The red markings on the side of the cups are easy to read.

These cups are great for both wet and dry measuring.  You can get yourself a set here:

They make great gifts for those going off to college or newly married.  These are lightweight and durable.

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Handmade crocheted ponchos by TinasCrochetStudio

These ponchos are so beautiful and very carefully hand crocheted. The colorful yarn makes these ponchos add just the right pop of color to your outfit. The first poncho has a hood that is white trimmed in hot pink to match the fringe. It is flattering and very comfortable.

The second poncho has a black base color with beautiful turquoise, rust, mellow yellow, and burn organge accented with white.  The neckline is a flattering V neck.  This is a great poncho to wear every day.

The third poncho is a creamy white with the same colors as the black poncho for a lighter look.  The fringe is white and goes with everything.  These ponchos are for days when the weather is comfortable but cool so the poncho is just the right weight to keep you warmer without being too hot.

These ponchos are available from TinasCrochetStudio here:

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50 pcs Refridgerator Magnets


These magnets are very well made and nicely machined not to scratch.  They are strong, like forcefield magnets and can hold 10 sheets of paper with just one magnet.

These are called fridge magnets but can be used for all kinds of things. In my house I use them to hold the lace drapes on my metal door in the laundry room so the drapes stay put.  I also use them for doll making by gluing one inside the head of the doll and gluing another one on a pacifier that has the nipple cut off so the doll has a magnetic pacifier.  I glue a round circle of felt on the magnet on the pacifier so it doesn’t hurt the dolls face.

There are other uses for these magnets. I also use them on the legs of my metal desk in my office for convenient easy to read notes.  These magnets come in a plastic case, which I keep put up and out of little finger’s reach.

The listing for them states:
★ 50PCS refrigerator magnets,one magnet can hold up to 10 sheets of print paper.
★ Small size but widely used,perfect for magnetic push pins, office magnets, whiteboard magnet, map magnets etc.
★ Disc magnet shape, machined silver magnet finish,Each Round fridge magnet is 10 x 2mm.
★ Refrigerator magnets NOT for use on glass magnetic boards, and they DO NOT stick to stainless steel.

The magnets measure 10 mm x 2 mm and there are 50 in the package. The magnets are neodymium and are graded as N35 & N52. The quality is very good.

Here is where I got mine:

#tomoson #ad

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Miserwe Essential Oil Diffuser


This is a very nicely made diffuser that allows me to keep my office smelling wonderful with essential oils.  It is very easy to use and has an auto shut off feature that is so convenient.

I love the shape and design of this minimalist modern looking diffuser as it goes with most decor, looking professional with the clean lines of the design.

It comes with excellent instructions that allow a quick set up.  It can go 14 hours without refilling and is very quiet, which is imperative in an office environment.  This is also great to use at home to provide ambiance with beautiful scents from your favorite essential oils.

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Big Ant Vehicle Cover


Arriving from Amazon in its own carry bag for convenient portability and storage, this vehicle cover is made of a very lightweight nylon feeling material.

It appears to be stable enough for protecting my truck from the weather and environment.  It is a silver reflective colored material and lightweight, though resistant to tearing and/or puncturing.

There is serged on elastic on the edges for securing the cover under the front and back fenders and sewn in tie downs with plastic hooks. The hooks are attached with elastic to allow more adaptability in fitting the truck.

The manufacturer states:

  •  Full Protection-High density material can effectively block the dust into the car, high sensitivity silver reflective coating material effectively blocking sunlight, resistance to strong ultraviolet damage interior.The truck cover protects your truck all weather from damaging UV rays, dust, snow, ice, rain, tree sap & bird dropping.
  • Breathable & Waterproof -Durable high-density breathable fabric prevents rot, mildew, and corrosion; waterproof and reinforced seams technology keep your truck dry on a light rainy day.
  • Elasticized Hem & Hooks Design – Big Ant pickup truck cover includes elasticized hem for easy tie down and four pieces of elastic with hooks can be fixed on the wheel against strong winds.Holds cover tightly to the car for secure fitting.
  • Easy to Use & Store-With the convenient storage pouch to store it in, truck covers is very lightweight and small enough when folded to be stored in a handy place.
  • Universal Fit-With size of 232″ (L) x 75″ (W) x 65″ (H) ,this waterproof truck cover will fit most truck with short bed crew cab up to 232″L.

I am glad I have a good way to keep my new truck clean and looking better longer.  I got my cover here:


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Great meat shredders by Chef Remi

shredThese shredders are great because there are no nooks and crannies for meat to get stuck in so they are easy to clean up by popping them into the dishwasher.

These shredders are the best tool for reducing a roast or chicken to shreds in approx 2 minutes and they won’t warp or melt so they are always ready when you are, they even come with a lifetime warranty.

The handles are shaped so they are comfortable and can be used for as long as you need.  They can also be used for other tasks, like lifting hot roasts out of the roasting pan.

Read more about them here:

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Sink Strainers by Chef Remi

These sink strainers are made from stainless steel so they don’t rust, but it is what they do, not what they don’t do that makes them so special and every house needs them.

strainersI discovered how important it is to have sink strainers after I managed to totally clog up the disposal in my sink and my husband had to take all the plumbing apart to clean out the mess. I never have to worry about that again with these sink strainers.

I have a double sink and a strainer in each sink so everything gets caught and tossed in the trash, not sent down the drain.

When the strainers get dirty or greasy, I just toss them in the dishwasher and they come out sparkling and ready to keep my sinks clean and unclogged. They never get stained either, and always look nice.

These strainers are very well made and the price is right, too.  I got mine here:

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Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears by Chef Remi

chefremishearsThese cooking shears are a perfect gift for my chef daughter for Christmas.  They are heavy duty and made of quality stainless steel with a process that keeps it cleaner and more hygienic.  The shears resist corrosion and are easily cleaned with a sponge and Dawn dish detergent, or whatever detergent you use in your kitchen.

They have a comfortable handle that allows for a good slip-proof grip so you can work longer in the kitchen without hand fatigue.

These shears come with a money back lifetime guarantee. They are multifunctional and have a built-in bottle opener for convenience.

You can purchase these kitchen shears here:


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3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set by Chef Remi

These spatulas are silicone and perfect for getting the rest of the batter out of the bowl so you have more cookies, biscuits or cake, or whatever you happen to be making today.

My favorite family item that I make is cheesy biscuits and the curved edge on one of the spatulas is perfect for folding the dough (never mix biscuits like do you bread or you will have hockey pucks) and then carefully taking the barely mixed dough out of the bowl to place on a floured countertop.

These spatulas are actually heat resistant up to 400 degrees, so when the phone rings and you hurry to pick it up and accidentally put the spatula down in the hot frying pan, instead of on the cupboard, your spatulas will be just fine.  I also like to use them to stir the veggies up in my hot soup, they work great for that.

If you have frying pans with surfaces you don’t want to scratch, use the thin flexible spatula for frying eggs!  Yep, it really does that function well and protects your nonstick pans.

These spatulas are easy to clean in the dishwasher and indispensable in my kitchen. I really love them. I like the bright red color, too, so I can quickly spot them when hunting for a spatula in my kitchen tool drawer.

I got mine here:

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Hiking Poles by Bring It

hikingpolesThese hiking poles are exactly what my husband wanted, I am very pleased with this purchase.  There are two poles in this pack, not just one.  This month we have trekked the Grand Canyon in Arizona, gone to Zions National Park and hiked through Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.  You NEED hiking poles to do all that and you need quality poles.

These poles are made of aviation aluminum and are very strong and noncorrosive.   These poles are also lightweight and come with a convenient carry case. They collapse down for ease of transport. The handles and wrist straps are comfortable and made for a lot of use.

The poles have levers to quickly lock the length of the poles in place making them adjustable as I am shorter than my husband, and they have long wearing tungsten carbide tips.

Using these hiking poles allows for stability in walking and reduce strain on joints and muscles.

I got mine here:

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Fire Resistant Document Bag with Water Resistant and Zero Irritation Exterior

bagFireproof Storage Pouch (11” x 7”).  

I have been traveling and use this pouch to store all the receipts that must be kept for our business.  If any of the receipts are missing or damaged, that spells a lot of trouble for me, so I got this pouch to protect the receipts from water, fire, and damage.

Water can get in as the pouch is simply sealed with wide velcro but I just use a ziplock bag inside the pouch when there is a chance the paperwork and receipts could get wet, however, most of the time I simply tuck the receipts into the bag for protection.

This bag is very well made, lined with soft red material so there is no problem with hurting my fingers, and so convenient to have. I just keep it tucked into the inner pocket of the lid of my suitcase. It’s quick and easy to grab when I am back home and take the receipts and paperwork to the office.

RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #FireSafe

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Amber Teething Bracelet or Anklet 5.3 inch by Baltic Secret

The reason why I got this bracelet is that amber has an ingredient in it called succinic that is released through the skin as the amber is warmed by the skin.  The more amber you have touching the skin, the greater pain relief you will experience.

Some folks use these bracelets for teething relief for babies and toddlers but I use them for relief from aches and pains, like arthritis and lower back pain from lifting too much.  For more pain relief, I use more amber necklaces and bracelets.  I have a friend who has heart problems that make her chest hurt and when I had her wear my amber bracelet, the pain eased off.

All you have to do is try it, but make sure you are buying real amber and not just plastic beads that look like amber that some of the companies on Amazon sell.  This bracelet is the real deal and will work, it is very reasonably priced, too.  The company ships very quickly as well.

My recommendation is to get 2 or three bracelets and wear more than one when your aches and pains are greater and one when you just need some mild relief.  This company also sells the necklaces, which is what I prefer. I always have amber necklaces or bracelets on hand.  This is where I got mine:

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Magnetic Knife Holder by Chef Remi

This is a very good magnetic knife holder that I had planned to use in my kitchen but when it arrived, my daughter immediately claimed it and I was happy to give it to her. She is a chef and has a wonderful organized kitchen so this magnetic knife holder was perfect for her. It will keep her kitchen tidy and neat with tools quickly available to use.

This magnetic knife holder can also hold her kitchen scissors or metal spoons she works with to create the wonderful dishes she makes.  It is simple for her to glance up from the cutting board and see the knife she needs and retrieve it.

This knife holder is easy to install and a must for every busy kitchen.  Here is where I got it:

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Cablex 3Pack 6FT iPhone Lightning Cable

There are 3 charging cords in this set and they work well. They are white so not distracting in the office environment where bright colors are frowned upon.  They charge my iPhone 6 plus quickly and are well made so they will hold up to a lot of use without breaking.  It is nice to have three cables in this set so I can use one in the car, one at the office and one at home.

The cables arrived quickly and well packaged. I got them here:

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Instant Pop Up Tent for 2 Person by Vitchelo

This is a very well made pop up tent that is super easy to set up and a little more challenging to put away. To set up the tent, unzip the cover it is in and remove the tent. Right now the tent is held flat because of the elastic cord that holds it together. Remove the tent pegs and set them aside. Take your tent outside (you can also open your tent inside but make sure you have plenty of room and it isn’t going to bump into anything), and simply slide the elastic cord off the circle and give the tent a wee toss in the air. When it comes down, it will be set up! Ta da! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Finish setting up your tent my using the stakes. When you push the stakes into the ground, slant them away from the tent so it will hold the tent down, especially in a windy situation.

When it is time to take down your tent, pull up the stakes and set them aside. Then watch this video on how to take your tent down. It is going to take you a couple of times to figure it out, but when you do, it will be easy sailing from there.

This tent is a lot of fun. You can set it up in the backyard for the kids to play in, use it on your camping trips or even to change in at the beach for the day. It is also fun to set up inside the house for the kids to have their own “room” when they come visiting grandma or if they want a neat playroom for the day.

The tent folds down flat so it takes very little room to store. It is well made from quality fabric so will last a long time with the proper care.

If you would like to get one of your own, go here:


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Zoodinos Magazine

The Zoodinos website states: ‘Dinosaurs come alive for kids in our new Dinosaurs book series from Zoobooks. Each edition in the Dinosaur series follows the award-winning Zoobooks approach: combining spectacular scientifically-correct illustrations and vibrant photos. Simple, interactive text encourages discussion and learninG.”

I am actually very impressed with these magazines and my homeschooled grandchildren will have a blast learning about dinosaurs from these colorful, well written magazines.

There are poems and stories that are fun and interesting. The pictures are very realistic and engaging. A plethora of scientific information adding fact to fictional stories bring the dinosaur era alive for young aspiring minds.

Some of the pictures in the magazines are of such high quality that they could be removed from the magazine and framed to hang on the kids bedroom walls. My favorite picture is of the horned lizard, or chameleon. Under the picture it says, “Chameleons, a type of lizard, come in many shapes and sizes. There are even several types with horns like a ceratopsian! One type of chameleon, called Jackson’s chameleon, has three horns like a Triceratops. One horn grows near the tip of it’s nose, and two grow over it’s eyes. These lizars are not related to ceratopsians, but they may use their horns to impress mates and scare off rivals, just like Triceratops and other horned ceratopsians probably did.”

These articles allow children to compare the dinosaurs to animals they know and may have experience with living today. There are even dino comics on the back of the magazines. I highly recommend them. You can read more and purchase them here:

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Glucosamine Chondroitin Natural Dog Supplement Soft Chews Organic Joint Relief

Penny is a 14 year old golden retriever. She needs supplements to help her be comfortable and move around. These chews do the job very well for

Whenever you have a dog who needs supplements, the first thing you do is find a supplement that is healthy and will address whatever the dog needs help with.  Older dogs tend to have joint problems, and Penny is no exception.  When she takes her supplements regularly, she has pretty good movement and can get around fairly well for being a cancer survivor and 14 years old.

When Penny does not take her supplements, she can barely move and simply lays on the ground and sleeps or looks sad. This supplement is very good for her as it is organic and has excellent ingredients that address her particular needs.  With the natural chicken and duck flavoring, there is no challenge in getting her to eat her chews.  Instead of having to coax her to eat them, she is always begging for them like they were treats.

With her weight range, she is allowed to have 4 chews a day, so that is four times a day she looks forward to.  It is wonderful to see her enjoying herself around the farm and able to get up and down.  Without the supplements she needed help to get up.

There are 120 treats – ahem, supplement chews – in this container so it is a month’s supply for her.  We are happy to see her pain reduced and mobility a lot better.  If you have a dog that has problems with aging, arthritis, or hip dysplasia, you may want to consider getting them some of these chews and watch the improvement.

You can read more about them here:

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Easy Snorkel Mask – easy to use and fun!

If you are tired of struggling with your mask when you are enjoying the sun and water, things just got a lot better.  The Easy Snorkel Mask is comfortable to wear, simple to put on, doesn’t fog up and doesn’t leak.

You can actually spend time enjoying snorkeling without fighting the equipment.  This is a full face mask so you can breathe through your nose and mouth comfortably with no breathing tubes to bother with, and you have a 180 degree view.

I love to kayak and swim in the Missouri river.  It is so peaceful and enjoyable to watch the turtles glide under your feet and see the fish moving gracefully through the water through an easy to use comfortable snorkel mask.  I can lose all the stress of the day effortlessly with an afternoon in the water with this well made, intelligently designed full facemask.

This mask just arrived and I have done an unboxing video so you can see it for yourself, instead of simply looking at pictures online and hoping for the best.  It does fit well and doesn’t pull my hair.  I have long blonde hair and am tender-headed so that is a huge plus for me.

If you would like to see more videos and read additional information about this mask, you can go to the company website here:

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CEKtoys Assorted Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton Figures


These dinosaur skeletons are a lot of fun and pretty realistic for plastic miniatures.

We visited the Dino digs in Utah and wanted to get something to be able to learn more about the dinosaurs that would be fun and interesting.

These toys are very detailed and made of a good quality plastic that is rubbery and not brittle so they can hold up to being used for fun and learning.

There are twelve dinos in the plastic bag and only two are identical. They are just the right size.

I am really pleased with the quality and they are also a good price. The toys at the tourist Dino digs are overpriced and these are just as good, if not better and less expensive. This was an excellent purchase!

Update: My married daughter came into my office and saw the dinosaurs sitting on my desk. She went crazy over them and asked if she could have them. I said “sure” and later this evening I get a facebook message from her that said: “Me + tiny Dino skeletons + mini pumpkins + booze. That just happened.”


I am dying with laughter….this was even better than little kids playing with them!

You want some for yourself! You can find them here:

There are some specials you can take advantage of when purchasing the dinosaurs!

One is 10% off for the dinosaur fossils and the other is special 30% off for the t rex dinosaur toy (picture attached), but the rule for the special 30% is to follow the sellers instructions:  Search ” T Rex dinosaur toy” on Amazon, click two or three other items on search results and have a quick look on those pages, and then find our product on 6th page and submit the order.

The dinosaur skeleton toys will be on the first page with ” dinosaur fossil skeleton toys” and on the third page with ” dinosaur fossils”.

You can get 10% off your order of dino skeletons by using one of these codes:


Comment below and let me know when you have used one of the codes so folks will know it’s gone.

You can get 30% off the T Rex by using one of these codes:


Also comment below when you have used one of the codes so folks will know they are all used.  If there are more people interested in getting these, I can ask the seller if they are willing to generate more codes 🙂


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