Foldable Bluetooth Headset, Senbowe

sx990headsetComfortable to wear, Bluetooth quickly and easily, deep booming bass.

These are comfortable earphones to wear and come with a number of different size tips. I usually wear the smallest size so they stay snugly in my ears and don’t fall out, like they do with the larger tips. I wear my headset like a necklace so it is convenient to access when a call comes in or I want to listen to music or audio lessons.

If you like deep booming bass, these earphones are for you! It really puts the deeper end of the sound out there and the treble is clear but not overpowering next to the overriding bass. I chose the white with black color design and the headphones look sleek and sharp. They easily fold down to take up less space in your briefcase, tote or purse and there is a button to push to retract the earbuds when they are not in use.

If you would like to purchase this headset, go here

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Evertop Cordless Multi Functions Handheld Powerful Electric Scrubber

scrubberI am really happy with my new scrubber. It is very well made and easy to understand how to use. It comes with a user manual that is well written with illustrations and suggestions of which scrubber heads are better than others for particular jobs.

I am very pleased with the quality of the scrubber heads and durability, they are better than expected. It is easy to put the heads on and off, even halfway in a cleaning job, to get the best results the fastest. My cleaning time has drastically shortened due to this effective tool to help get the job done.

The battery is easy to deal with and put down into the charger. When it is charged, all I have to do is twist the scrubber open, put the charger into the handle with the small end first and replace the end cap, making sure it is twisted down securely.

The best thing I like about this scrubber is that the surface is rubberized so I can hang on to it better when in wet mucky situations.

If you would like to purchase one for yourself, go here:

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DOWAN 10’’x6.2’’ Large and Wide Dinner Plates/Dishware

platter.jpgThese beautiful porcelain plates are perfect to serve pre-dinner appetizers. They are made by Dowan and are good quality bone china dishes.

The edges are raised, with the food area recessed to reduce spills and also provide a comfortable way to serve the food on the plates when you are handing them to those who will be eating off them.

The white color is universal and a great background to make scrumptious food look good.

They came very well packaged with dense styrofoam between the layers, which I kept for storing or if needed, packing for traveling or moving. They also make a great gift for those who appreciate lovely dishes to eat off of and showcase their culinary skills.

The dishes are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe for convenience. There are 4 dishes in the package and they measure 10″ long by 6 1/2″ wide.

To read more about them and purchase some for yourself, go to #DOWANPLATES #TOMOSON #AD #REVIEW

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Tens Unit Machine for Pain Management, Back Pain and Rehabilitation (With EXTRA PADS)

tens1This tens unit is very well made and easy to understand how to use. There is a good instruction manual with the machine, but I didn’t need it because it is so easy to set up and understand how it goes together.

This tens machine is quite effective in relieving pain. My doctor sent me to physical therapy at the hospital and I went every two days for a couple of weeks or more. They used a tens machine on me for approx 15 minutes per time and it was very effective.

tens2When my insurance ran out, I decided to try this tens machine at home and sure am glad I did. It works as well as the expensive hospital tens machine and I don’t have to drive all the way into town and wait for the medics to hook me up.

This unit quickly relieves tension in the muscles, and when it does, the pain is alleviated. It has a 20 minute default timer, which is normally how long tens sessions last, and it can be adjusted from 10 to 20 minutes.

tens3The intensity is easy to adjust. I usually keep mine on the lightest setting. If you would like to know more about this tens machine and/or purchase one for yourself go here #tomoson #ad #review

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GO! Pro-Shakes, Protein / Nutrition Shakes for Kids and Teens

shake1These shakes are for kids 7 and older but before I give my kids anything, I try it first. Now that I have tried them, the kids might not get them because I love these shakes.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package is that it smelled incredibly good. I ordered the chocolate version. There is also a cookies n cream flavor that I can’t wait to try as well.

I made the shake with water, adding 6 ounces of water to my shaker cup, then I added 1/4 cup of the powdered shake. I screwed the shaker lid on and, well, shook it. That’s what you do with the shaker cup. It has metal wire coil ball that does an amazing job of mixing drinks.

shake2.jpgI am pleased with how quickly and well the powder mixed into the water. I popped the cap open and took a sip. The shake tasted as good as it smelled. Chocolate bliss in a cup, and it disappeared pretty quickly. It also kept me feeling full and not hungry for hours.

One serving has 120 calories, 12 g of protein, 12 g of carbohydrates, 3 g of fat,
3 g of Fiber, and 228 mg of Omega 3s. Very healthy. What it doesn’t have is caffeine, high fructose corn syrup or aspartame.

shake3It’s a big thumbs up for this product! It gets even better. You can make it with milk, add bananas or anything else you want to as well. #skinnyblend #tomoson #ad #review

Want to read more about it and order some for yourself?

Go here

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Versatile mount for electronics by CTA Digital

mountCTA Digital PAD-UAM Ultra-Light Arm Mount with Clamp and Suction Bases for Tablets/Smartphones

Head back to school with this versatile mount for iPhone, tablet or Kindle. It has a spring-loaded holder with a base that rotates all the way around for convenience.

The mount folds flat for storage and portability. It has a suction that allows you to attach it to the window. We tried to attach it to the wooden TV tray and the surface would not hold it well enough but a smoother surface would do fine.

You can also use the c-clamp for the edge of the table or desk to take video without it shaking. ‪#‎PADUAMMOUNT‬

The mount is well made, nicely designed, works well and is conveniently portable.  We love it and recommend it.

Click here to purchase on Amazon

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Dave’s Sport Tennis Elbow Brace Review.

davesport1Works well, super comfortable, inexpensive and stays put. NO pain – love it. When the brace arrived from Amazon via Fedex, I put it on and wore it all day. Most of the time during the day, it was so comfortable, I actually forgot I had it on. One of the big differences I noticed about it from my other elbow braces is that it stayed put and didn’t slide off. That is a huge plus. My other braces had actually slid off when I did simple things like extend my arm down. This davesport3-258x300one stays right where I put it, providing pressure on the large muscle in my arm and stopping the pain in my arm and elbow.

It is made from durable washable material and is not as bulky as my other elbow supports I wear for carpal tunnel. I highly recommend it. #Daves_support_Tennis_Elbow

See my youtube video review for this well made, effective elbow brace here

You can read more about it and purchase it on davesport2-300x261Amazon here.

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Bamboo large cutting board and utensil set by Clasier

Clasier Organic Bamboo Solid Wood Perfect Cutting Board Extra-Large 12″ x 18″ And Four Piece Utensils Set With Juice Tray Groove

This cutting board is very well made and not only looks good but feels good to the touch.  I do love the look and color of bamboo but one of the reasons I got this one is for health benefits.

bamboo2Bamboo has antibacterial qualities and will neutralize approx 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours, as will all wooden cutting boards. Bamboo is also a sustainable resource because of how quickly it regrows.  It makes me feel great to use earth friendly cutting board and utensils.  I am slowly replacing plastic in my kitchen for health reasons and this is a good choice over plastic cutting boards.

Bamboo cutting boards must be hand washed and left to dry, though, and do not put them in your dishwasher or it will ruin it.  It just takes a minute to scrub it and leave it in the dish rack.

You can purchase this bamboo set #Clasiercuttingboardwutensils

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Ddidak Medication Reminder

pillcase2This is a medication reminder pill box that can be set with up to 6 alarms.  There are three white plastic bottles with a snap on lid and 3 blue.  The box contains yellow stickers for you to write the time and/or medication contained in the box.

Be aware that the alarms are set with pillcase124 hour time, so if you are used to am and pm, that doesn’t work with this reminder box, you will need to input in 24 hour time.

The box is very well made from plastic with a sliding lock button on the front so it won’t come open in your purse or valise.  The LED screen is easy to read and backlit when you are entering the time you want the alarms to go off.

The medication reminder box takes 2 AA batteries to function and comes with a well-written instruction manual.  The instruction manual has a QR code that can be scanned with your smart phone that takes you to a video showing you how to set the alarms.  It also has a video at to show you how use the box.

You can purchase it on Amazon

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Evertop Vacuum cleaner – mops, vacuums and more!

I am pretty excited about my new vacuum cleaner because it does everything I need without me having to go get different tools to do it with. This vacuum does a good job of vacuuming the different types of floors I have in my house. The vacuum has great suction and I love the dustbuster to get around all the edge of the room and in between the cushions on my couch. I have ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, carpets and hardwood in my home and this vacuum can go seamlessly from the carpet in the library to the hardwood in the bathroom, then right into the kitchen on the vinyl flooring. I don’t have to adjust anything, I just vacuum.

This vacuum does something else that my old one can’t. It has a special head that allows me to mop the floor, too. It is a special tray that the vacuum sits in that can be filled with water. This vacuum has the best of everything in it.

I love the way it looks and I love the intuitive design. I didn’t have to pour over the instruction manual because it is made so everything is naturally in the place you would expect it to be and the handle is very comfortable to use. The height of the vacuum is perfect for me, no bending over and hurting my back as it is now easy to take care of floor maintenance.

I could go on and on, there are so many things I love about this vacuum but all you really need to know is this is a very good vacuum for the money. It works really well and is even cordless. I am very pleased with this purchase.

You can even choose the color of vacuum you like the best.  I got gold, as that is my favorite color.  This vacuum makes housework fun and I get it done in less time because everything I need for the floor’s upkeep is right here.

You can purchase one here on Amazon

Here is the unboxing video when it first arrived.

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